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The fitting system of Strada Saddles, is based on shape - not size. We’ve identified that particular shapes and characteristics are specific to breeds - and reflected in 5 different tree types to suit these shapes - below is listed as a guide. Requesting a fitting session, best determines the exact type for your horse:
S tree fits a typical Thoroughbred shape with a high steep wither pitch & straight back on profile.
W tree fits very small/fine TB's, lite endurance Arabs or Anglo-Arabs 
I tree fits straight shaped backs of  Iberians, Andalusions and some warmbloods
C tree fits wide barrel type rib cage with characteristically short back, mounded shoulders & curve in the middle of the back
IC tree fits muscular shouldered breeds (Warmbloods, Stationbred) with a sloping ribcage & short coupled.
Once the tree shape is determined for your horse - a saddle is made.  We don’t hold stock - saddles are made to specification. Varying leather types, and a variety of leather colours, piping & stitching are all available at the same price. You have the choice of a dressage, jumping, multi-purpose or endurance saddle - each have elements that are specific to their requirements.
Esprit de Luneville ... the ultimate, close-contact experience. “The King of France once declared Luneville the capital of horses and it is, to the fine horsemen that taught there, like Baucher and L’Hotte, that I dedicate this saddle.”
The Strada Dressage Saddle’s unique design, offers a seamless interface between horse and rider. This is the result of many painstaking years of research into the bio-mechanics of horses and dressage movements. 

The design embodies simplicity and function. Unlike most other manufacturers, we design and make our own trees. The importance of flexibility and fit can never be over emphasised.
The frame within the saddle, most importantly, must be the same shape as your horses back - which ultimately means, evenly distributed pressure. It also allows the back muscles to work free of pressure points which is important to build full back muscles, especially either side of the wither/behind the scapular area.
Strada saddles are light in weight and feature our unique Superflex® tree, designed to follow the movement of the horse. It is made from a combination of high quality birch ply, leather, carbon-fibre and kevlar. The flex of the rails of the tree allows the saddle to stay in contact with the horses back as it has uni-lateral movement, (up and down and independantly.)
Strada trees have no metal components other than the attached stirrup bar. There are five different tree types that reflect the different shapes of modern sport horse through to fitting older breed types such as the Iberian, Lusitano and Arab. By fitting with a tree type, we eliminate all saddle-woes - no gullets causing pressure or muscle wastage, or sitting too high in front, lifting at the back, rocking, etc.  Your horses weight may vary through the season - but their true ‘shape’ is always there.
Next, our panels, made from heat sensitive materials, that at body temperature, automatically adjust with pressure and release - much like the feeling of firm, unflexed muscle. For example, sit relaxed in a chair - push on your thigh muscle - the way this compresses and releases under pressure is much the same as our panels. Allowing the movements of the horses back to have continuous and correct panel contact, keeps the horses back muscles health and strong and gives a great feeling to the horse and rider. The panels will never require alteration or re-packing and are specially designed and made by Strada Saddles.
The stirrup bar position, girth attachments and weight of our saddles provides comfort and freedom of movement for the horse. This allows the rider to sit easily and effectively apply riding aids.
We have been manufacturing saddles for 18 years, so we present our products to our customers with confidence. These are the best, most technically advanced saddles in the market today.
NZD * $5,060 (all inclusive within NZ) 
& includes stirrup leathers