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NZ riders with Strada Saddles... Testimonials Home Contacts & Links Saddle Woes Testimonials I tried many different saddles in the search for a dressage saddle for my very wide Warmblood X. They all seemed to slip terribly, or bridge, or both, and my horse felt reluctant to go forward and work softly. Plus there was the challenge of finding something that was also comfortable for me. I came across the Strada saddles by chance and Sarah sent me the Luneville to try. I couldn't believe the difference it immediately made to my horse – it sat exactly where I put it, he felt much more forward and free and lateral work suddenly seemed effortless. I loved the natural position it put me in and the soft, close connection to my horse's back.  I was so happy with it that I purchased one immediately. We've taken a huge step forward in our schooling since I purchased the Luneville and I would thoroughly recommend Strada saddles to anyone, you won't regret the investment. 

                                            Wellington, NZ.
Roly has the IC type, Esprit de Luneville dressage saddle.
Technology + fitting I decided to purchase a Strada mainly for 2 reasons. Firstly both my horses fitted the same tree shape, so that meant I was safely able to use one saddle on both my horses & be sure it fitted them both. Secondly I have always struggled with being chaffed in the area where you really don’t want to be chaffed.

When I found the Strada, I liked the concept, on trialling it I found that 1, it was comfy & 2 it fitted my horse & he went well in it. My young horse was unbroken at this stage but the saddle fitted him perfectly too.

I have now had it for a few months & can say that it has fitted very well, my horses love it - both have perfect sweat marks, it is comfy for me - no more chaffing! 

My horse has really matured & muscled up this year & it still fits him perfectly! Its also very comfy for hacking, forest riding etc.

Thanks Sarah for a great Service!

                                        Auckland, NZ.
Primo & Harry have the IC type, Esprit de Luneville dressage saddle.
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